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Minimum guaranteed preload 80% of bolt yield stress

TSF has designed, developed and patented the TSH-SH preload systems with the following objectives:

  • Provide bolted joints with high requirements in preload.
  • Provide bolted joints with high requirements in preload and untightening resistance.


  • Reduced number of fixation elements with respect to torque control.
  • Quick reach of preload.
  • Low dispersion (less than 5%).
  • High stability of the preload.
  • Low factor of load distribution for the fixation element. Lower fatigue range.
  • Preloading by the use of pressure tables.
  • Insensitive to bending moments.
  • No twisting of the fixation element.
  • Benefits of elongation, without the disadvantages of friction.
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly.
  • Simultaneous assembly of fastening elements. Elimination of elastic interaction of nearer elements.
  • Benefits of elongation, without the disadvantages of friction.
  • Same protocol for all sizes.
  • Potential increment of the preload capacity.
  • Ease of verification of preload. It enables maintenance actions based on accurate preload readings.

Our SH preload system is certified by Lloyds Register.

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Guaranteed preload systems

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TSH system to guarantee 80% preload with less than 5% dispersion

Tool image
Graphic image

1. The base washer, lock bushing and TSH4 are introduced in the assembly.

Graphic image

2. Strength transmitters are introduced through the TSH4 head.

Graphic image

3. Assemble the puller on the TSH4 head.

Graphic image

4. Preload is applied through the hydraulic puller and the TSH4 alongates.

Graphic image

5. Adjust the lock bushing between the TSH4 head and the base washer to lock the elongation obtained and maintain the preload.

Graphic image

6. Disassemble the puller and strength transmitters from the TSH4 .

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