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Wind blades coupling system

The idea designed and patented by TSF addresses the problem of the union of the windmill blades. The solution consists in separating the windmill blades into two parts and then reassembling with special joint elements, facilitating their manufacturing, transportation, assembly and disassembly.

The special joint elements are manufactured in carbon fiber and transmit the load with known and reliable geometries, reducing phenomenon such as shear or cracking and the overall local effects that appear in other joints which use mechanical elements like bolts or adhesives. The system only uses bolts between the special joint element and the windturbine blades to guarantee the suitable position and the contact between the defined geometries.

The structural integrity of the solution, with its ease of installation and possibility of later separation (removable joint), allows the application in machines with great size or in machines in difficult access locations. Thus transport, installation and maintenance costs are reduced drastically.

Tension state model

Tension state model image

Joint elements location

Joint elements location image