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minimum guaranteed preload 80% of bolt yield stress

TSF has designed, developed and patented the TSH-SH preload systems with the following objectives:


  • Reduced number of fixation elements with respect to torque control.
  • Quick reach of preload.
  • Low dispersion (less than 5%).
  • High stability of the preload.
  • Low factor of load distribution for the fixation element. Lower fatigue range.
  • Preloading by the use of pressure tables.
  • Insensitive to bending moments.
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly.
  • Simultaneous assembly of fastening elements. Elimination of elastic interaction of nearer elements.
  • Benefits of elongation, without the disadvantages of friction.
  • Same protocol for all sizes.
  • Potential increment of the preload capacity.
  • Ease of verification of preload. It enables maintenance actions based on accurate preload readings.
  • Certified by Lloyds Register.