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stud assembling systems
stud assembling systems

stud assembling systems

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studs positioner for pull tightening

The stud’s positioner system, pre-assembles the studs at the right position for being pulled afterwards with pull tightening equipment.

The assemblers can be designed specifically for each particular fitting or can be integrated with regulators to match different size assemblies.

studs assembler for torque tightening

The stud’s assembler works as a conventional tightening key which is designed for fast accessing and torque tightening threaded end studs. Our diverse material based systems adequate perfectly to the use on different application scenarios.

disassembler and extractor for pull tightened studs

The Heavy Series Assembler System serves as disassembler to release the clamped studs due to assembly plastifications, moistures, rust remaining’s, etc… and then drive out the stud with the extractor tool.

material series

Light Weight Series – Made in Composite for in house assembling.

Medium Series – Made in Duralumin for field assembling.

Heavy Weight Series – Made in Tool Steel for torque tightening assembling.

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