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Foundation anchor bolts

TSF manufactures foundation anchor bolts with thread rolling after heat treatment to fully guarantee the mechanical characteristics of materials and geometrical requirements of the customer. Offering different coatings like hot dip galvanizing, organic coatings of zinc flakes, temporary corrosion wax and many others.

We also supply the foundation anchor bolts with protections like armaflex, pvc tube and others, always according to each customer requirements.

At TSF , we propose a combined solution with our TH preload system for their best performance. Our TH preload system is certified by Lloyds Register.

TSF Solutions

Stud bolts in cl. 10.9 according to ISO-898-1 (coarse pitch and fine pitch)

Tsf solutins table image

Standard solutions

Stud bolts in cl. 10.9 according to EN 1993-1-8 (Standard Metric Sizes)

Image TSF Standard
STANDARD solutins table image

The TSF anchor bolts are assembled with nuts and washers according to standard EN4032, EN14399, ISO7089, DIN6319, DIN6330B, tronco-conical nuts in class 10, and in TSF Solution with the TH Tension Holder.